Best Work Boots

There is no doubt that boots have become an integral part of our life. Boots were originally made and used to protect the feet from cold weather and also for protection against various types of sharp objects. It also provided comfort and protection to the soles while walking on difficult, rough and thorny surfaces. In fact boots have not become as modern as they are within a short period of time. They have evolved over time and the modern boots and shoes were not as fully covered and protected as they are today. They were more in the form of sandals and were just about able to give some basic protection to the feet. However, as civilization grew, and as his knowledge levels grew, he started using different types of tools to make better quality shoes which not only protected the soles of the feet but also gave protection to the upper part of the feet. Because of the need to walk in snow, ice and water, there was the need to protect the upper part of the feet and ensure that the area till the knee also got protected. Towards this objective the role of making boots which covered a large portion of the lower extremity became important.

Protecting Against Insects And Reptile Bites

Further the ancient human beings had to depend a lot on hunting and had to roam the forests in their quest to get quality food and other daily needs and requirements. This resulted in the need for protecting the feet from insect and reptile bites some of which were poisonous and even life-threatening. Hence there was a need to protect against the elements of nature and also other living things. All these factors played a big role in selecting the right boots. Therefore today boots are no longer considered just a fashion apparel but something which goes a long way in protecting the feet from the vagaries of nature and provide comfort especially when walking long distances and engaging in various activities such as working in factories or even walking long distances in treks in the jungles and engaging in various other activities.

They also played a big role in providing individuality and uniqueness to each and every person and also became apparel for making a fashion statement. Hence the modern boots which we wear today has travelled quite a distance from the days where it was just used in the form of flip-flops. In this article we will have a look at a few best work boots from various brands and models. We will try and have a look at the various points to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right boots. We are sure it will provide the required information and knowledge for making a right choice between the various brands. This is important because the market is filled with dozens of such models of boots and separating the grain from the chaff could often be a tough and challenging task.

  1. Men’s W02421 Raider Boot – Wolverine best work boots

For many decades, there is hardly any doubt that Wolverine has been able to capture the imagination and minds of thousands of customers with various types of boots for men. Hence, it would be interesting to have a look at the W02421 model and find out what it has to offer to its customers.

It has quite a few interesting features and the quality of the boots is something that has been well accepted by thousands of customers. It is made from high quality leather and is a full imported shoe. The rubber soles are made to be used on rough and hard surface but at the same time they provide the required comfort and protection from the elements of nature.

It also has other features such as heels which is around 1.25 inch in height. The shaft also measure around 5.5 inches from the arch. The platform measures around 0.75 inches. It also has other interesting features. These include full grain leather along with speed lacing. It also features logs which are debossed on the tongue. The Side cushioned collar also provides protection and comfort especially when it is worn for a long period of time. On the whole it is a wonderful boot offering good value for money.

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  1. Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Work Boot

Those who are connoisseurs of the best work boots would most certainly have reasons to have a best work bootscloser look at Timberland. The work boot has been specially engineered and is suitable for all those who work long hours and make use of their feet extensively either standing of walking. The Timberland Endurance collection is a fantastic combination of comfort and looks. It has a unique anti fatigue technology. This goes a long way in absorbing shock and helps to give back energy at key points of the feet. Hence it helps a lot in providing all-day comfort and at places where it is needed the most.

The boot has been well designed and constructed with 6 inch steel toe. It is made from rugged and high quality leather. The outsole is abrasion resistant and made from quality rubber materials. It is also oil-resistant and therefore makes the wearer to move around with comfort and confidence irrespective of the surface on which he is treading.

It has been engineered and made with plates which are puncture resistant which help a lot in providing protection to the underfoot. The full grain leather apart from ensuring great looks also is suitable for durability and comfort. It also odor control features and also protects from electrical hazards.

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  1. Men’s Georgia G8374 Work Boot

If you are looking for one of the best work boots which combines quality with comfort and  best work bootsdurability, you have reasons to have a closer look at this particular model from Georgia. The G8374 work boot is well and truly a workhorse and has a number of features which are rugged, long lasting and most importantly comfortable. The most important aspect is the quality of leather which has been used for making this shoe. It not is supple and soft but also can withstand the vagaries of the weather and it can also be used on any type of surfaces and can withstand cold temperatures. The rubber soles also need a mention because it helps provide a solid grip even when walking on wet and slippery surfaces.

The full grain leather helps to mold the shoe to suit specific foot shapes. It also comes with mesh lining which helps in keeping the foot dry. It is extremely durable and has been made to last for years. It also comes with a covered cushion insole and also features unique EVA midsole for comfort while at work. It also is a shoe which perhaps has the best compression and impact strength.

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  1. Timberland Men’s Waterproof Boot

One the main reasons why men buy boots is to protect their feet from the vagaries of the best work bootsweather. When one takes this factor and various other requirements, there are reasons to believe that this model from Timberland is worth having a closer look. Timberland is a brand which has been around for many decades now and therefore this also lives up to its reputation for offering great value for money to its customers. Let us have a look at the various features which makes this shoe so very special.

It is a boot which is perfect for work and also for weekend adventure trips and hikes. The main features are the full grain waterproof leather material from which it is made. Further it comes with a unique seam-sealed technology which offers complete protection from water crossing and rain drops. It also has a footbed which allows easy breathing of the feet and therefore keeps the foot dry and odor free. The multidirectional rubber lugs are very useful for accelerating, braking suddenly and also performing other such tough tasks. It is suitable for use in muddy conditions and also for working on factory surfaces which are oily and slippery. The tongue and collars have been designed to offer additional comfort.

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  1. USA Men’s Mariner Utility Boot

Coming from the house of Sketchers this is a full leather shoe and additionally it also has a best work bootsnumber of interesting features worth being looked at from close quarters. The rubber soles are also of high quality and many customers find it extremely comfortable and long lasting. There are features too such as padded collar, lug outsole and a tongue with logo label. It is a boot which will stay with the customer for long periods of time. It is famous for its versatility and comes with leather upper which not only looks good but also fits perfectly. The padded collar also helps keep the feet in comfortable condition even when it in worn for long periods of time.

Whether it is water or land this boot from sketchers will offer 100% security. Even in the toughest factory and work environment the lugged sole will provide the best of shock absorption. This is a superb work boot which can also be worn for formal occasions and it will be a favorite addition to your wardrobe.

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  1. Men’s Lace-Up 6″ Work Boot from Wolverine

This is a 100% imported shoe coming from the stables of Wolverine. It is a fully integrated best work bootsleather shoe and also features quality synthetic soles. The heel is roughly around 1.5” and the platform is around 1.0”. The shaft is around 6.5” from the arch.

Many customers feel that it is a hardworking boot and has a few other interesting and comfortable features. For example the cushioned collar helps in comfort even when the boot is worn for a long period of time. The insole is made from high quality cushion and it is also removable. The mesh lining has been designed intelligently and is made from moisture repellant material. The construction of the sole has the unique Wolverine versatility available in it. It also has quality nylon shank which enhances durability and adds to comfort. The boot is light weight and weighs only two pounds. It is therefore fatigue free and does not cause leg pain or tiredness in the foot even when it is worn for the entire day.

  1. Brown Moc Toe Construction Leather Work Boots for Men

This is, according to many customers one of the best work boots and this is perhaps because of best work bootsvarious features and specifications. On the top of the list is the high quality leather from which the shoe is made. Apart from protecting the feet from the cold weather it also looks very stylish and sophisticated. The shaft is around 6” from the arch and this adds to the comfort of the boot. It also offers durability which is so very essential for those who keen on choosing quality work boots. The Goodyear Welt construction is perhaps the reason for this. The leather is water repellant and is made from quality material. At the same time, the leather is durable too.

It also comes with solid mesh lining which goes long way in keeping the foot warm during winter months. The cushion insole is removable and is made from high quality material. It is slightly bigger in size when compare to other models of Wolverine and Timberlands.

It has a few other interesting features including Polyurethane Sole which is suitable for absorbing shocks and for dependable performance. At the end of the day it is good combination of sturdiness and stylish looks.

  1. Timberland PRO Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot

Coming from the house of Timberland this is a fully imported leather shoe and is filled with a best work bootsnumber of interesting and comfortable features. It is made from high quality leather which ensures comfort and long life. The rubber soles according to many customers is the biggest takeaway. It offers full comfort apart from ensuring solid grip even when walking on rugged and slippery surfaces. Other features include a shaft which measures roughly around six inches from the arch. It also has a Lace-up boot having padded collar along with eyelets which hexagonal in shape. At the counter there is an embossed logo which adds to the overall look and sophistication of the shoe.

The six inch men’s boot has been specially designed for rough use whether it is at the work place or while undertaking some adventure trips. The leather is water proof and seam-sealed construction coupled with Thermolite insulation helps the feet to remain warm and comfortable even during the worst winter climate. Since it is water resistant the feet will remain dry. It also has features to prevent sweating of the feet. All these make it as one of the best work boots

  1. Tank” Men’s Soft Rubber Sole Boots

Ever Boots is a reasonably well known shoe and boot manufacturer and therefore this particular best work bootsmodel evinces a lot of interest from customers. It would therefore be worthwhile to have a look at some of the interesting features of this work boot. It is one of the few boots which comes with manufacture warranty and therefore offers good value from money to its customers. The leather that is used for making the shoe is of the best quality and the same is the case with the rubber soles used for making this boot.

The shaft of the shoe measures roughly around seven inches from the arch. Therefore there is enough foot space which goes a long way in offering comfort and does not cramp the feet for space. It comes with the patented and famous Goodyear Welt construction this ensures total durability and is perfectly suited for industrial use. It has many safety features such as a rubber sole which is oil slip resistant. The insole is also famous for comfort and is made from quality cushion material and is fully removable and washable. The boot is water repellant and it also comes with speedy hooks, back loop and other features which make it easy to wear. It is a big fitting shoe and is half inch bigger in size when compared to other boots in the market.

  1. Men’s Water Resistant Work Boots

Coming from the house of Kingshow this particular model is known for its unique features and best work bootsspecifications. We will have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.

It is made from quality leather and it is a classic and premium boot in the true sense of the terms. The special feature is the nubuck leather which is used for making the shoes. The construction is sturdy and supports rough use. It is a combination of looks and elegance the premium leather upper and outsole which is oil resistant and various other features make this one of the best boots available in the market. It is a perfect combination for both formal wear and also for casual wear. As far as working in factories and other such tough environment is concerned, there is no doubt that it is one of the best models available in the market today. It offers 100% value for money to its customers. They are slightly bigger in size when compare to other brands. This helps in better fitment of the feet and prevents cramping of the toes and fingers which is a common feature with many work boots.

A Look At A Few Work Boots For Summer

Magnum Men’s Slip Resistant Work Boot

If you are on the lookout for quality work boots which offer the best value for money, then it makes sense to have a closer look at this particular model from Magnum. It is feature-rich, extremely stylish to look and comes in a wonderful and eye-catching color. Here are a few features which are worth looking at:

It is made from high quality imported leather. In fact the entire boot is imported. The takeaway according to many customers is the high quality synthetic soles. They help a lot in providing the best grip and also help in providing comfort for the wearer. The shaft of the shoe measures around 8 inches from the arch. It is specifically used by workers in airports and is perhaps one of the few boots designed for this specific use. The heel is around 1.5 inches and the synthetic soles are resistant to oil, grease and other slippery substances. The cushioned midsole also adds to its comfort. Other features worth mention are fiberglass shank and action leather upper.

Men’s Cleveland Work Boot

It is made from high quality leather and is fully imported and the rubber soles are also of the best quality. It is made from USA and there are some imported components. There are other features worth mentioning such as soft toe work boot. The waterproof features are also of the best quality and these include D-ring lacing and leather uppers. The EVA sole and footbed offer the best of comforts. It also comes with a midsole which offers the best of dual density compression. It is made from high quality molded material. Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that this is a work boot which offers comfort and also the best value for money.

Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot

It is shoe made in USA, for US customers. It is made from high quality leather. The synthetic sole is worth mention and it offers the best of features. Here is a look at a few such features which are quite interesting. First and foremost the high quality moccasin toe adds lot of comfort to the wearer. Further it is a quality ankle length shoe which protects against sun and also acts as a protective barrier during winter months. The outsole is made from oil resistant and slip resistant material. The other features which are worth mentioning are clamshell lacing and rugged metal eyelet.

Carhartt Men’s CMS4190 Romeo Soft Four Inch Waterproof Work Boot

It is made from imported leather material and the synthetic sole is also of the best quality. It is slip resistant and is durable and long lasting. It comes with a heel which is roughly around 1 inch. The outsole is also oil resistant and it also comes with a heel which is debossed. The sock lining is in contrast when compared to the leather outer. Hence, when one looks at the various features and specifications, there is no doubt that it goes a long way in making is as one of the best work boots for use during summer month.

Key Features To Keep In Mind When Buying Work Boots

Now that we have had a closer look at a few brands for use during summer, winter and also at work, let us try and have a look at the main features to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a suitable work boots. Understanding this will help in making a buying decision based on facts rather than taking decision based on hearsay.


Amongst the many important factors there is no doubt that safety is perhaps the most important attribute when it comes to choosing the right shoe. The hazards of the workplace have to be taken into account. There could be risk of falling objects, oil spills and other such attributes which must be taken into account.

The Shoe Should Stay Dry

It is always advisable to invest in shoes which stay dry both inside and outside. They should have moisture absorbing qualities. The inside linings should be comfortable and should also be able to absorb sweat and moisture. It should have breathing facilities which will help a lot in ensuring that there is inflow and outflow of air.

Room For Wiggling

There should be enough room for wiggling your toes as far as your work boots are concerned. This will help to keep the feet and fingers free from tiredness and fatigue especially after a hard days’ work. It will remove pressure from the toes and soles and this is an important factor which should never be kept out of your mind.

It Should Remain In Place

The next important point is to always ensure that work boots stays in place even when it is worn for a long period of time. Therefore it is important to ensure that it should have the right kind of grip and it should be tight enough to stay in place whenever there is a need to indulge in hard work in the factory or even when there is a need to climb and move around in rough terrains. The midsole should be puncture resistant and should have heel counters which are sturdy. Having a wedge bottom sole will go a long way in providing support to the arch and also offer stability to the ankle.

It Should Be Comfortable

At the end of the day there is no doubt that comfort is the most important factors to be kept in mind when it comes to buying work boots. There is no point in having a stylish and sophisticated looking boot if it is not comfortable. Work boot at the end of the day has to be worn for long periods of time and it should not cause fatigue to the feet and cause ankle pain and should be comfortable on the arch.

Protection To The Metatarsal Area

Any good work boot should offer complete and total protection to the metatarsal area. This is because injuries to the metatarsal areas could be painful and the recover process could take lot of time. It could put the person out of action for a long period of time. Though steel toe boots are often chosen it is doubtful whether they provide the required comfort to the metatarsal area. There are a few CSA approved boots which have shield-like features which perhaps could provide that much needed protection to the toe area. It will help absorb shock which perhaps other shoes may not be able to do.

Electrical Hazards

When working in factories and workplace, there is no doubt that there is always a risk of electric shocks and other hazards. Hence it is very important to choose the right boot which offers protection against electric shocks. There are shoes which are made to comply with CSA 2011 standards. They are capable of providing protection from electric shocks up to 18,000 volts. Hence this is a very important aspect which should never be lost sight of when choosing work boots.

Quality Of Outsoles

Though many of us look for safety features inside the shoe, the outsoles should not also be ignored. There is no doubt that having a good outsole can provide the required insulation against heat, gas, oil, greasy and slippery substances, chips and stones, markings and other such hazards. There could be need to work in high temperatures in factories where the quality of outsoles have a big role to play. The outsoles could be flexible and should come with features like dual density memory foam. This will help a lot in providing stability and at the same time allow for freedom of movement. It should also ensure that it is waterproof so that it helps in keeping the feet dry even during rainy season.

Instep And Balls

There is also doubt that the instep should fit snugly but at the same time it should not be too tight. If it is too loose, you could find that the boot could become slippery. On the other hand if it is too tight, it could lead to pain in the heel and cause severe pain of the toe. Hence it is important to try out various widths and then choose the one which meets the requirements in terms of comfort.

Ball Of The Feet

There is no doubt that the ball of the feet should rest properly. Hence, when choosing a work boot this factor should always be kept in mind. It is too short then the ball of the foot will get located too far ahead. This will force the toes to move forward and hit the toe box. This certainly will lead to pain.